Frequently Asked Questions:


How long will it take to build a FastTrack Truck?

Currently, manufacturing the FastTrack Truck will take at least 30 days.

What kind of cab chassis is available for the FastTrack series?

With the fast turnaround for the FastTrack series, a single cab is the only chassis available.

What kind of debris dumper is available for the FastTrack?

The FastTrack truck debris dumper has two options, a 2.5 cu/yd debris dumper or a 5 cu/yd debris dumper.

How long is the body for the FastTrack series?

The only body available is 16 feet.

What kind of ramp system is available?

The FastTrack Truck comes equipped with the SLT MR-750 Manuel Loading Ramps.

What other options are available to purchase?

Up-fits can include: underbody fuel stations, hand and powertool storage, double utility shelf, recessed d-rings, rear towing hitch, chrome wheel covers, on board air compressor, 1500w power inverter, and back up camera.

How do you handle shipping?

You can bring you truck to our shop located just south of Macon, GA yourself, or we can have a professional transport company pick it up and ship it to our shop. We will deliver your truck directly to your shop, office or home anywhere in the USA, Caribbean or Canada.

How many lawn mowers will fit into a FastTrack Truck?

The type of machines you use will certainly affect this. A typical set up could be 1-36′ walk behind, 1-48′ walk behind, and 1-72″ rider (3 machines) or 2- 72″ riders and 1-21′ push mower (3 machines) or 3-52″ walk behinds (3 machines). These examples are workable with 14′ or 16′ models.

Can you finance my purchase?

Yes, we will fax you a simple credit application to be completed and faxed back to (478) 822-9707 Attn: Tony. Our finance specialist will be able to give you approval in 24 hours.

Do you have a lease option?

The process is the same as financing, just fill out the application and fax it back in!

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